Etude du Chat

This is an  appliqued close-up portrait of a cat designed from a photograph.  I found the photograph and challenge of translating it into fabric irresistable, though it required a redesign of the nose area halfway through, and quite a bit of fabric trialing to try to get his coloring the way I wanted it.  It was worth the effort in the end.

My technique involves creating a paper template that I trace onto freezer paper which is then cut and ironed onto the selected fabric.  i stitch heat-adhesive thread ( in bobbin) along the edge that I want on top, trim, and then iron the pieces together either in a regular applique or reverse applique fashion.  I put tear away stabilizer behind the portrait when the actual face is the way I want it and everything works together viewed from my design wall, and satin stitch the pieces together.  This technique leaves the resulting portrait very supple to hand and eliminates the annoying lines (to me) that show through on fused applique.  It also gives added texture/depth to the portrait as the batting can "puff" slightly into the design.  I used a thin yarn for his rather subtle whiskers, tacked into place with a blanket stitch with very thin matching thread.

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7 thoughts on “Etude du Chat

  1. I should have said fusible thread – 2 brands that I know of: Collin’s Quilter’s Fusible Thread and Charlotte’s fusible thread. I’ve only used Collin’s brand. Sulky makes Tear-Easy soft, lightweight tear away stabilizer. This is available at Joann’s. I found the fusible thread at a local store that sells sewing machines, some fabric, and a lot of thread for a variety of purposes. You can also get it online. Superior Threads sells Charlotte’s fusible thread online. I don’t have an online source for Collin’s brand, so it may be discontinued.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous portrait! Your fabric choices are perfect, the details and quilting are amazing, and the eyes have wonderful depth. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us!