"Ever Green" by Alicia Sterna and Patricia Belyea

Quilter in Distress: Alicia Sterna
Rescuer: Patricia Belyea
"Ever Green"   17" x 17"

Alicia: "My UFO is a landscape piece, inspired by a photo of a waterfall in Alberta. I turned a photo of the scene upside down in my quilt and like it that way. I am quite pleased with the rock outcroppings and like the quilting that mimics stacked rocks. I considered shading under some rocks with paint pens, but did not yet attempt to do that. I also like the water itself. The trees, however, need some work and I am stuck. I used wool, felted fibers on it, and then added some branches. The greenery on the left is just basted on as I was not sure what to do next. I also have been unable to decide what to do to finish the edges of the piece, and whether a border would enhance it. I intended to add a clean backing to the quilt when it was finished, as I do not like the stitching and felting that shows on the back."

Patricia: "I decided I would transform the stitched piece into a graphic and modern mini-quilt. To freshen the overall composition, I turned over the mid-tan fabric and found a lighter wheat color. I cut the big evergreen branches in half to create a tree shape for the quilt's focal point. For the main background, I chose a green cotton with an irregular pattern of white dots that I had clamp dyed. Wanting some graphic punch and a cooler hint of color, I added a piece of hand-dyed turquoise fabric to the central area. A striped, hand-dyed fabric from my mentor Maurine Noble's stash, was perfect for the binding. For the back, an unexpected square of low-immersion dyed orange cotton worked well. I decided on five thread colors–four to match and one to contrast the fabrics. I used the original fabric pieces, which I had disassembled, in various ways: The small pieces of dark brown fabric were stitched together to make the 1/4-inch insets that radiate out. The white fabric in the waterfall was used to back the wheat-colored appliqué square, and one of the small felt trees was used on the back."


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2 thoughts on “"Ever Green" by Alicia Sterna and Patricia Belyea

  1. What a surprise!  Although the part I liked the best is gone, the water, it still gives the forest feeling.  Quite original and an interesting result.  Thanks.  I look forward to getting it back.



  2. A great save!   I agree with the Rescuer that this piece needed an overall freshening up (or a whole new fresh start).   To finish it as a successful landscape would have required working through some tough design challenges, the most obvious one being perspective.

    I think Patricia’s rescue of this piece showed a very open and creative mind.  She was able to sift through the layers of the ‘BEFORE’ piece and and discover that it wanted to be crisp, green, fresh and modern!