Experimental piece. Base hand made felt (wet method).  Tyvek, shreaded, knitted and crochet coloured with liquid acrylic, heat zapped, stitched in place.  machine embroidered, hand embroidery and beads applied.  The tassel I think is a waste of space and spoils the whole piece.  Further images and the inspiration page from my sketchbook are on my profile page.

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5 thoughts on “Experimental

  1. I am fascinated by this piece.  Do you plan on its being a stand alone creation, or will you use it in a larger piece?  I like taking pieces like this and using them as a focal point in a larger piece. 

    I love the idea of incorporating knitting and crochet.  And could you be more explicit about the liquid acrylic application>>>>was the yarn white to begin with, then you painted it?  Or????  I have to go check your profile page!

  2. Gorgeous.  I don’t think the tassel detracts from the piece at all.  Amazing work.  I love the random-ness and how all the elements work together.