Faith Alone

This is a work in progress and is a challenge quilt from an art quilt group I belong to. It is called "doors". I used an old abandoned church from Canada as my inspiration.

I handpainted the door with SoSoft fabric paints, Caran d'Ache crayons, colored pencils and watercolor pencils then pieced the sections together. For the stained glass section over the door I stippled over thin vinyl and used theatrical gels for the colored glass. I appliqued tiny ribbon for the leading. For the brick I used a batik and painted it with SoSoft paints. For the grout I combined a gray and white thread together through one needle and quilted tiny circles. 

The hinges are batik covered timtex and painted. I also used batik covered timtex to make tiny "buttons" to simulate the rivets.

The vines are various yarns hit with a heat gun to melt them a bit simulating rough bark. 

Now I'm on to the leaves. I've created a few samples by free motion straight stitching over Kunin felt to give me a leaf shape and hitting them with a heat gun to shrivel them up and look like old, bug-eaten leaves. I like the effect. I will make more in various shades of greens and yellows, some bigger, some smaller.


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3 thoughts on “Faith Alone

  1. Love the notion of using the heat gun to shrivel felt, yarn. What are the dimensions of this piece? The asymmetrical placement of the grey in the arch works really well. Overall it conveys “old town, old times.”


  2. Hi Jerry – I was so excited to find your quilt on this site! It’s looking great…you are sure to win many prizes on this one.

    I am missing everyone in the Crazy Quilter’s group. Have a good summer and I’ll see you in October.

    Nancy Smith