Faith Alone

This recently completed quilt was a challenge from an art group I'm in. The title was "Doors" and this is my project. My inspiration was from a picture by Rein Nomm taken of an old abandoned rural church in Canada.

The indivudual parts of the main door were painted with SoSoft fabric paints then pieced together. The shading comes from Caran d'Ache crayons, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and SoSoft paints.  The doorknob and hinges are timtex covered with a batik then sponge painted with SoSoft. The stained glass window above the door is stipple-quilted thin clear vinyl. The leading is invisible appliqued thin ribbon. The color comes from theatrical gels. The gothic frame was invisible appliqued on top of the vinyl.

The vines are different nylon/poly yarns hit with a heat gun. I also added some jute to the insides of the vines. The leaves are Kunin felt painted with Pebeo Setacolor transparent paint. I free-motioned leaf shapes, cut them out, then hit them with a heat gun.

The brick is a batik sponge painted with SoSoftpaints then tiny circles of white and gray thread were free motioned to represent mortar between the bricks.

The mossy areas are green wool roving stitched down.

It was a learning experience to be sure, but WELL worth it!

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4 thoughts on “Faith Alone

  1. What a masterpiece! I really appreciate your detailed discription of the creative process. Do you have a blog with more information on the work in progress and/or more pictures? I’d love to see a bigger view & some close ups.

    I’m unfamiular with So Soft  fabric paints, could you tell us a bit about the them? I usually use a combination of Seta Paints and colored acrylic inks, It’s always interesting to hear  what results others are having with certain products.