family quilt for 60th wedding anniversary

We had decided to offer my parents a family  artistic creative quilt for their 60th wedding anniversary. My daughter and I managed the project and asked the different family members to create their own block. For example, my aunt,who is a traditionnal quilter did the 2 top left blocks. My brother ,who is a painter sent a painted fabric cut into pieces,and his daughters  painted their blocks,too. We arranged everything ,adding various embellishments, such as :hand embroidery (thread and silk ribbon),laces (some handmade,some antique..),beads,…and so on. At the back, we wrote a compilation of all the materials we used and added a label with the different family members who shared that project.It was an emotion to see all the dead members and think it would  be the same with us,later.

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3 thoughts on “family quilt for 60th wedding anniversary

  1. Wow  what a great gift!  Your parents are very lucky that everyone was able to contribute in their own special way to the quilt. Things like this always touch my heart with a lot of emotion. Thanks for sharing you treasured family piece with us. Nancy

  2. What a brilliant gift – a smaller book version that could be stored and put away to treasure for any celebration could work too.

    I love the idea that each member of the family contributed adding their own flavour and memories to the quilt. Lynne