Finished UFO!

I had been wanting to learn free motion quilting for some time, but just didn't know where to start. Then, thanks to Leah Day's tutorials, I discovered that I could actually do it! I wanted to do a "fancy" pattern on a baby quilt I'm working on, so I pulled out this UFO that has been sitting for over a year, and brouhgt it back to life with free motion quilting! It's far from perfect, but I think with some practice I'll actually be able to finish that baby quilt!.  I used Leah's tips on ho to set up the machine, tools to use and what type of thread she uses. After many previously unsuccessful attempts due to broken threads and birds nests, I was actually humming right along! Thank you!  Debi L

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8 thoughts on “Finished UFO!

  1. Hi,  i love you piece.  i do lots of free motion and sometimes after doing big stipples i will go back and fill them in with smaller stipples. Sometimes i fill in all and other times i just look at the whole piece and fill in here and there to make a pleasing effect.  I need to practice doing leaves, feathers and flowers. 

  2. This looks really good for just starting to learn.  I’m still having lots of issues with my attempts, but I’m not giving up!  It’s encouraging for me to see your piece!

  3. I too am a challenged machine quilter, but absolutely love Leah Day’s tutorials. She has also given me the confidence to forge ahead, practice, and hopefully in time, improve my skills. Keep up the great work.