First blues

Hi, this is the first piece I created with my embellisher.  The base fabric is from a Stef Francis experimentation pack, all the other bits and pieces are from my horde.  I have mounted the piece on a frame over batting, the edges left an awful lot to be desired so to 'hide' them I painted a strip of pelmet vilene with fabric paints then glued the strip around the frame.  The design just happened, I fed the pieces under the needles and magic happened – I often just go with the flow and see what happens this time I think I was lucky!

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5 thoughts on “First blues

  1. Hi, Leslie


    I really love your piece.  You mentioned a “Stef Francis experimentation pack.”  Was this something you purchased?  I love her work also and would like to learn more about her techniques.  Any advice or info of where I can learn about her techniques?

    I also have an embellisher and want to do more with it.  I really love what you’ve done.


    you can email me back at: