First charity quilt

My husband and I retired to the mountains of Panama 4 years ago.  Our community of Volcan (pop @10,000) is home to about 500 retired North americans or Europeans.  We have a quilting guild that we formed about a year ago.  One of our goals is to make two quilts a year to be raffled off in the community with the proceeds going to Women and Children's health. 

This is our first joint quilt.  It is a sampler that we all particiapted in by taking two fabrics and adding some of our own to make squares.  It is queen size and we also made 9 pillows from the extra squares that were used as secondary draws.

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3 thoughts on “First charity quilt

  1. Its a beautiful quilt!  We lived in Panama for a little over 3 years when my husband was stationed there years ago.  It’s a beautiful country and a very worthy cause.  I worked for the Red Cross during our time there and at that time there was a definate need to improve the health care of the people.