First quilt

This was my first attempt at quilting. I had done some patchwork when I was sixteen. This quilt belongs to my younger daughter and is one of two almost identical quilts. The difference between them being the colour of the binding. Both quilts have lasted very well, having been much washed and carried between home and University too. Rosemary was ten when I made this for her, some 15 years ago. Most of the fabrics here are polycottons and were scraps from dresses I had made for the girls and myself. The small patch of blue almost at the edge of the quilt to the left is acrylic paint – my daughter is an artist.

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About MandyH

 I learnt my knitting from both my mother and my maternal grandmother. Grandma was a prolific knitter who produced the most wonderful cardigans, jumpers and dickies for all her grandchildren. My memories of her are all accompanied by happy smiles.

These days, I work full-time as a teacher at the village school just around the corner from where I live. This gives me those extra few minutes each day to keep on knitting. The children I teach are aged from seven to eight years old. In the UK we call this Year Three. Both my own daughters are in their mid twenties and living away from home.

My knitting these days is mostly for myself and also my elder daughter. My younger daughter also knits - at present producing some really interesting knitted figures to her own design. My dear husband told me some time ago that his own jumpers are kept for best. They get regular outings, so I know they are appreciated. He has several, so I think I shall leave knitting for him for a little while. However, my elder daughter has a long-time partner............ I have yet to be asked to knit for him.

Knitting is such a happy addiction. The friends I have met through this hobby are a joy to know.

An American friend gave me a sign some years ago, it read: "Strangers are only friends we have not yet met." How right that is!