Flax at Jackfish Lake, 2011

This is where my mom lives.  I can't wait for her to see this!  Last summer the whole field between the highway and the lake was blooming with blue flax!  Threadpainted and many many many french knots.  : )  6×8"

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7 thoughts on “Flax at Jackfish Lake, 2011

  1. Really beautiful…& excellent with the dept perception.  I also live in an area with all the Flax… it must have taken a long time for all the french knots, but well worth the effort.  Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. We just went thru record-setting early spring here and had entirely yellow, white or blue fields (they are small here so I have to get in exactly the right spot to take a pic without getting anything ugly in the frame). Years ago my husband & I took a weekend trip to a West Virginia State Park to do  photo-nature-explore and rekindle my spirits. The whole trip was a disappointment. The hotel was ugly.  I didn’t feel well.  The food was bad.  It was dreary.  I came home really grumpy and walked out to the back of suburban development to the small river & wetland near my house and the entire understory of the forest along the river was an rolling blanket of virginia blue bells.  I was so overjoyed I went back home and had my husband come back with me to show him. He took my picture among the tiny gems of blue under the huge old trees. It brought me great joy.  I went back about 4 times while they bloomed. The joy is always there.  You just have to find it. Thank you for my memory.

    Josie Mott