florida Everglades scene.."PURPLE GALLINULE"

This beautiful bird… what can you say…walking on lily pads..gorgeous, vibrant colors.. I painted one a few yrs. ago on driftwood for my nephew, but this one..with all the machine stitching..wow..what a task..

The Gallinule & butterfly were all hrs. of machine stiching..the rest..cut outs from beautiful fabrics. 

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6 thoughts on “florida Everglades scene.."PURPLE GALLINULE"

  1. It is obvious that you have Flordia in your heart! This is a very nice scene and I just love the bird and butterfly. I hope you have this one displayed where you can enjoy it  for yourself! Nancy

  2. Hi Edith,  I found your pictures.  I too love nature.  Nice job on the background.  The bird and the butterfly blend so well into the whole.  Wish I could see the stitching detail.  A challenging subject well done.  Carol

  3. Your Everglades scene is wonderful.  I love all the colours and textures.  I would love to have seen the actual work.

    My husband is an avid birder, and has spent much time in the Everglades, so I will show him the Gallinule.  I know he will appreciate your creativity.

    Issy, Ottawa ON, Canada

  4. Hi Issy,

    I appreciate your compliment.  I was born & raised in Naples, a little in the Everglades..I remember when the surrounding areas were soooooooo natural & beautiful… cattails…waterlilies…water-hyacinths,etc. snakes, alligators, you name it.  Nice to read that there are a few who still appreciate what little is left of the Everglades.