3 thoughts on “Foam Stamping the Easy Way!

  1. Hi Smidgen!

    Thanks for the great stamping video.  I just bought Melanie’s book and yesterday made some dye concentrate batches up, etc.  I do have one question for you.  Is your fabric wet or damp when you are stamping?  In the video it appears to be damp.  When I was experimenting, I did some work on dry fabric and some on fabric dampened with urea water.



    Amy Harry

  2. Hi Amy!

    Thanks so much for the compliment! I am hoping to do more videos in the future. In my video, the fabric that I used was dry. I have never tried it wet before but I think that would be something to try?! The only reason that I did not use wet frabic is that I did not want the paint to bleed and make a fuzzy image. I wanted my image to stay sharp for my projects. But if I needed it a little fuzzy wet fabric is a great way to achieve that look! Do you have pictured of your fabrics that you have made? I would love to see them!

    Keep Creating,