For Whom the Bell Tolls

This quilt was inspired by a photograph taken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It features a painted sky, and a 16" thread lace tree.  On the little peninsula there are some small pieces of driftwood and shells that I glued to the quilt. 

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8 thoughts on “For Whom the Bell Tolls

  1. Peggy,  I love, love, love the tree!  Now it is your turn to tell me how you did that.  I have experiment with putting washable stabilizer between two layers of tulle.  Then I just sewed around with no real pattern.  How in the world did you do a tree?  Really nice.

  2. Hi Debrah,  I love thread lace…especially trees.  I used two layers of water soluble sulky in a hoop.  I kinda sketched out the shape of the tree from my photograph.  Then I stitched the trunk first with several different browns….then went to town on the lower half of the tree…make the long branch first and then start filling in, making sure I sew over or on the long main branch.  I stitched the lower half of the tree first and completely then I rehooped and did the top section of the tree….starting with the trunk.  I made the tree a little taller than it was in the photo since I knew it would shrink a bit when I washed the Sulky out.  I of course, was hoping that after I washed the Sulky out I would have a tree left the size I needed. And was thrilled when it fit on my quilt perfectly.  I love the tread lace for trees, it gives great dimension to the quilt and I love how the background shows through.  This quilt is very close to the look on the actual photograph.  When my husband and I happened upon this tree high up on the dolominte cliffs overlooking Lake Michigan we both looked at each other and said perfect for a thread lace tree on a quilt.  This tree took me many hours to construct….but, well worth the effort. Did my explanation help???  If not, I can try to give more detailed instructions.   Peggy

  3. Peggy, thank you very much for the detailed instructions.  You would not believe what a mess I had after I washed the sulky away!  Wow, I have a new appreciation for lace making.  I think it will take lots of practice to get as good as you are.  I would like to practice more on this technique.  I can see that it would be nice for trees.