Forest Floor

This was started at a retreat to interpret the forest ground.  It needs something besides just quilting and I'm stumped.  I don't know about stamping or other printing with so many seams.  Help me please.



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9 thoughts on “Forest Floor

  1. Hi Paula, I think I would make some 3-dimensional leaves and scatter over – just attaching with a couple of stitches in the middle of the leaf.  Also would add some couched cord/ribbon etc for twigs.  I would also leave the edges fairly ragged. Forest floors aren’t very neat.   Joy in Oz.

  2. For a forest floor, I think an amorphous shape has some potential as do ragged edges or the whole thing in a leaf shape with quilted vein lines.  I keep thinking it needs some layering.  Maybe some leaf appliques, some hand dyed cheese cloth in the same color ways and applied gathered and roughly as moss or leaf representations.  Best wishes!

  3. How about tacking on some bugs: caterpillars, butterflies, ants, bees. There are always buttons that look like stones, mushrooms, bits of horn that could be added.

  4. How about some earth tones on one side to give the impression of a small path or some prints with bits of color for the impression of small forest flowers.  I would leave the shape irregular and do stipple type quilting.

  5. Dear Paula,  Did the pattern have a border of any kind, or was meant  to left all angular?  As hard as it may be, I would add a border or a mid to medium green, plain, and then a border of a brown or shades of brown to represent trees.  I hope that you  find a solution soon.  Silvana Western Australia.

  6. Paula, Great Start to the piece! it got my brain cruising!

    This might be Super late in the conversation but It might be interesting to create the look of shadows cast from branches and leaves. You could do this by adding a gauzy dark color in those shapes.

  7. What about adding some trees,bugs, birds,butterflies. You could embelish with yarn, beads,buttons thread painting. Use it as a background and paint your picture with embelishments.  Let your mind take you to the forest. Square or rectangle shape add a few boarders and you have a great wall hanging. Have fun…Love the colors…