10 thoughts on “forest floor cloth

  1. Thank you!

    I inherited loads of good quality but dated fabrics.  Nice 100% cotton with high thread count in not my taste prints.  So….I wanted to recycle them and have been experimenting with a number of ways.

    On forest floor I did a number of layers.

    First Layer- Crumpled and dyed fabric using terracotta and yellow oxide colorants.  Allowed to air dry then pressed. This is to create a ground. 

    Second layer- Stamped and stenciled using Colorant.  This is more about a random but even distribution of color.  I wanted the outlines soft. 

    Third layer- Stamped and stenciled using gold Shimmers.  More definition this timefor the top layer of leaves.

    Fourth layer-  Taped cloth down to a board.  Mixed plain old flour and water into a paste and smeared across the whole thing.  Allowed to dry about 32 hours, bone dry.  Pushed here and there to create cracks.  Brushed black colorant mixed with water and FabricMagic over the top.  Blot off excess black mix.  You can pick the fabric up and hold to the light, look at the back side and see if there are enough cracks.  Allow to be pretty dry before going on.

    Now the tedious part comes, pick off the flour paste.  Some comes off in chunks but most in little peas.  I rub and scrap.  When it is mostly clean rinse under cold water. 

    That’s it.  You are sweet to ask.  Its a very inexpensive way to get a cool effect.

  2. Thanks, Barb. I thought you might’ve used the flour paste for the crackling. I tried it once and really loved the way it turned out, but mine was no where near as effective as yours. It’s all that interesting gourndwork you did beforehand! Love it.