This quilt has two inspirations, the fabric itself is one of the sample pieces I did for a Painted Landscapes class I am taking. It is a sponge painting.
The words come from a wonderful book series, The Texas Vampire series by Diane Whiteside. The phrase runs through the series.

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2 thoughts on “Forever

  1. I am not familiar with the books but I really like your piece of fabric. I love the way when you squint you can just see the cascade of pretty flowers and leaves flowing.  Are the flowers and leaves quilted or is it  done in markers? Very lovely! Nancy

  2. The flowers are mainly quilted (I may have missed a few).

    My 7-year old granddaughter was visiting while I was working on this and the original theme was going to be a Flower Fairies. But after I got the main flowers laid out, I thought of this plan.

    Thank you for your praise, Dinah