forward motion

This is a personal journey quilt about the walls we put up around ourselves, keeping us fearful and stuck, but by breaking down  barriers you move forward towards your goals. The starkness and size of the walls is fear juxtaposed  against the warm tones of human forms and  our emotions.


The figures were embellished on a needlefelting machine from silk and merino wools to create a backing and then I drew with my needlefelter to create the human figures . They were to look hand drawn and shaded. Each figure is a progression from the right figure as scared and broken, to a shy but upright stance to a head held high form that’s leaving the canvas. Each figure is heavily felted and small details were defined with  1 thread of black DMC. They are all shaped and trapuntoed to give natural hills and valleys of form in a 3D format.




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2 thoughts on “forward motion

  1. Felicity,  Your art is most inspiring, filled with emotion and from the heart.  This is what makes a true artist.  Keep connecting to your spirit & emotions and you will naturally succeed. Thank you for sharing.  GingerZ

  2. A very special and moving piece. Thank you for sharing. I have tried, unsuccessfully to rate it 5 stars (please excuse my clumsiness). For me, it stands apart from the rest. Kgarrell