I challenged myself with this piece to 1) use some of my tie-dye fabrics, and 2) create a piece that was not a square or rectangle.  I let the fabric designs dictate the final shape. 

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3 thoughts on “Freeform

  1. Judy,this is  a lovely piece.  I would like to make a suggestion artistically.  The fabrics contribute a lot to  the success of this piece,and could be used a little differently to create a better design.  First, I reccomend that you turn the design 90 degrees counterclockwise.  This will place the purple on the bottom left and will anchor the design.  This gives a sense of looking into a scene.  Second, the same purple fabric creates a real sense of “texture”.  I think that some of this texture needs to go toward the center of the design; possibly created with some stitching in a color that leads the eye into the design. 

    I turned the original design 90 degrees clockwise and thought that if the purple were shades of orange, you would have created a reflecting pool with parts of the sky visible.  could this be a series?  Best of luck,… Jim D

  2. Great piece — I also have been working on an odd-shaped quilt and am ready to bind it.  Did you just use bias-cut binding and ease it in around the curves?  That’s what I was planning to do.