This was my entry in the FRESH PICKED 1010 calendar challenge.  12" x 12" Hand painted boy (my grandson Emmet) on silk with Tsukeneko inks.  The puppy came from my imagination was made with lots and lots of CHINELLE IT colored with tea and Tsukeneko inks.  The wording is painted wonder under cut out and ironed on.  I didn't exactly follow the rules.  All needed was the word FRESH PICKED and my imagination ran wild.  My quilting angels took over my mind and hands and away I went.

This is the result.  It was fun. and very me..  This is the direction my quilting has been taking me.


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6 thoughts on “FRESH PICKED PUPPY or BOY?

  1. This is a great quilt. I cannot believe what you were able to do with the inks. I love these inks but cannot do anything remotely as detailed as this. Fantastic!

  2. I know artl8dy,

    I  took off with this project before I finished reading all the rules.  I got to the words “use your imagination” and I did.  The words “Flower, Fruits or vegitable”  didn’t even come to my attention until I was  reading to see where to mail the photos.  My quilting angels (my muse) work that way.  I always say they like to keep me humble.  But my work is all about making the viewer stop take a breath and smile.  I am not a gardener so I most likely would never have done the quilt had I finished reading the directions and that would have been sad because I like this little quilt.  It is one of the few quilts that I actually own.  Somewhere there is a reason for everything the quilting angels get me into.  Like this blog.  I never would have discovered this site if it wasn’t for this little quilt.

    Happy creativity