Garden Experience

Fabric Swatch exchange.

I started with tye dye yellow and blue in a horizontal and then verticle fan fold; and dipped the fabric in at edges and allowed dye to bleed.  I tore fabric to size required, and painted leaves and pink circle for flower, and the dragonfly. After all was dry I ironed to set. Then using a black fine line sharpy to outline and embellish.  I cut a curlique on the cricket maching and made a stencil. taping off all areas I did not want paint, I then sprayed the purple paint; and allowed that to dry outside.  Using a liner brush, with white acrylic paint and fabric medium; I painted the highlight embellishments on curlique, dragonfly, and flower. Deciding the back ground needed one more element of texture, I made a lavendar wash of paint and medium, and swirled the original background areas that were unpainted. Lastly I added thoughts about being outside in the garden. Iron again to set all work.

Cheers! Krista 

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