Garden of Love and Lavender

     "In the Garden of Love and Lavender" (26.5”W x 34.5”T  x 1”D) is another in my garden series. As a rabid, avid “dirty nails” gardener, I have been naturally drawn to gardens from childhood. This particular piece began with the purchase of the black leaf and flower appliqués that are outlined in gold. The flowers vaguely resemble Japanese irises, which are some of my favorite flowers. The long, green leaves are made from an antique satin ribbon that has a picot edge to it. Flitting around the flowers are little black angels, which I found to be particularly charming, and have used in several pieces. There were also a number of butterfly appliqués, as I feel that they are some of life’s most joyful creatures.

    This piece is extensively beaded, and relatively heavy for its size. The background is just about filled in with rows of horizontal seed beads. I tried to make all of the photos here on the site as color accurate as possible, but lavenders and navy colors are particularly difficult to capture.

    DETAIL PHOTO below in the "Comments" section.

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5 thoughts on “Garden of Love and Lavender

  1. Dear Anne, some times my work takes my breath away, too..:) I think that comes from surrendering my will as to how I think the piece should look, and let the medium tell me what goes where. I have trained myself to sink into a state of connetcion to the work, and when it’s going well, it’s as if we’re breathing into each other. For me, that’s when the magic happens!

  2. Dear Meta, thanks so much for the comment. However, as far as patience goes, I was a 7th grade science teacher for 27 years. My beads never stick pencils up their noses, so beading is MUCH easier….:)