Georgia Peach

This was my entry in "Fresh Picked" Calender contest. The girl in the tree is my granddaughter, from a photo I took last year. The painting is done on muslin with Tsukineko inks with permanent marker accents. I chose a peach tree because she lives in Atlanta Georgia. I added some Needle lace leaves, as well as appliqueing one of the peaches with some extra padding for a three dimensional effect.

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One thought on “Georgia Peach

  1. Wonderful !   Very realistic what great fun.  I think that they should do a grandchildren  calendar.  You and I must be much alike.  My “FRESH PICKED” entry was my grandson painted on silk with Tsukineko inks too.  Of course I didn’t read the directions as well as you did I did FRESH PICKED PUPPY.  Oh well.  I am sure that you like me are glad that you don’t have to part with this quilt.      happy creativity