Graven Images

hand dyed, free motion machine quilted quilt based on grave stone images in Chelmsford MA and Portsmouth NH. This quilt was finished on 9/11/2001. to read the story behind this go here.

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4 thoughts on “Graven Images

  1. Fascinating. This is an absolutely beautiful piece, Judy. I love how the subtle shades draw you in closer to see the detailed stitiching. I’ve always loved old gravestones, too, and took lots of photos of them in old cemetaries when I lived in Scotland for a year. They are so macabre. I think they appeal to me because my birthday is on Halloween.


  2. Thanks Jeanie! I find OLD gravestone design so fascinating, new gravestones are so boring by comparison, its such a shame they no longer have such character and beauty. I feel that way about cars too, lol, I want them to remake vintage cars but with modern efficiency!