green in the middle

I got the basic idea from a workshop in a Dutch Quilting magazine. The squares are painted lutradur. I stitched pieces of soluble with thread and embroidery floss. The quilt is mounted on a painted canvas. I very much like the colours. It is so sunny.

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4 thoughts on “green in the middle

  1. Thanks, I used water soluble, I don’t know what it is called in English, is it interface?.
    Entirely covered it with my sewing machine with thread and I stitched some embroidery floss in between. Then I rinsed it with water and let the pieces dry. Then stitched them onto the lutradur squares. It was a workshop by Mirjam Pet Jacobs in a Dutch quilting magazine called Quilt en Zo. Mirjam makes beautiful art. I didn’t follow the exact workshop, just the main idea of it.  I am very happy with the end result. It hangs on my wall and every time I walk past it, it gives a sunny feel.

  2. Meta,  This is very very nice.  I love it.  I have experimented with stitching on water soluble stabilizer, but have never done a piece with it.  Your color choices are really good.  I love the fuzzy look of the squares.  Great idea and finished product.  Debbie