Grow Toward the Light

Grow toward the light was a slash work heart that just didn't say anything to me. Thanks to watching the QA TV episode where Pokey takes a rotary cutter to her finished quilt, I decided to just whack away until it spoke to me. I liked the dissection and arrangement, but something was still not quite right. Healing! A broken heart needs healing! So, I designed the little bean seed just emerging from the ground, ready to grow. 16"x20"

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2 thoughts on “Grow Toward the Light

  1. Thank you, Ann. What might be speaking to you is the emotional content below the surface. We have a very sweet man in our church who has been fighting to breathe, to live, this past week while I was working on Grow. I almost named this piece Steve’s Heart. Still don’t know if he will make it or not, but right now, not looking so good. He and I have had conversations in the past and he always expressed he wanted to live, or to die, but not suffer and linger. I don’t want to ‘lose’ him, but I also honor his desire to go…