"Happiness" by Cindi Plant and Sophie Crittenden

Quilter in Distress: Cindi Plant
Rescuer: Sophie Crittenden

"Happiness" • 14" x 17"

Cindi: "This project began by using Ricki Tim's convergence technique with this fabulous batik. I could see flowers in a garden set against an outstanding sunset. Even though I was loathe to cut into the batik I proceeded, but then I was stuck. Suddenly it was somehow too busy and finishing it eluded me."

Sophie: "I removed one strip to provide a concentrated purple area in the lower left. I made a rubbing of happiness Kanji from a plaque and cut, traced, and inked it on the UFO. I added many collage elements and then first quilted in the ditch down every strip. It was not enough so I did an overall swirl with variegated thread."


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5 thoughts on “"Happiness" by Cindi Plant and Sophie Crittenden

  1. I think it’s perfect now!!! Just started “converging” too and, although the process is nice to work with, you end up with something: “mwah….”   🙁

    So it’s very nice to see how one can upgrade something like that