Happy Moon

this was done for an art exchange. Painted with water soluble oil pastels on fabric. The idea was to make a work using a favorite quote. I chose John Lennons, " And we all shine on, like the sun and the moon and the stars"

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3 thoughts on “Happy Moon

  1. There are a few different brands of water soluable oil pastels. Neocolor is one of the nicest but can be a bit expensive. I use Portfolio by crayola. Inexpensive and they work well.  The oil pastels act like watercolors when you add water. I wet my fabric first to a very damp feel. Putting color from the pastel directly onto the wet fabric and then using a stiff brush I blend in the hard lines. Doing this for the background adding more color as needed and brusing even doing a scrubbing like motion to get the right effect.  For more detailed areas I use a smaller brush and with wet brush pull up paint from the oil stick and paint it onto the fabric with the brush.