Hartwick Pines

Hartwick Pines was inspired by a photograph taken by my husband.  The quilt will be entered into a local art show this spring. The quilt is raw edged applique.  The white pine boughs are thread lace with DMC floss to give the boughs texture.  There are pink lady's slipper flowers….a deer and Karen the bear.  She lived in Hartwick Pines for years….now her children live there.  Thanks for taking a look

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5 thoughts on “Hartwick Pines

  1. I made my pattern on the dissolving solvy, then added the pieces of cut up DMC floss…and then put another piece of solvy on top to make a sandwich, then put it in a hoop and made my thread lace boughs.  Not as dense a thread lace since the DMC is dense, but enough to hold the DMC together in the shape of boughs.  Does this help?  Thanks for taking a look.  Peggy