Harvest Time in Wine Country

Landscape quilt in progress.  Still have some binding and embroidery to complete.  It measures 44 wide x 42 high.  I used cotton fabrics.  There are a lot of little detailed pieces.  More challenging than I expected.  The backing is batik, the batting is cotton.  It is machine and hand quilted and will have some embroidery detail.  I had to create this one because it reminded me of home, growing up in wine country, the smell of the Napa Valley during the crush, the turning of the leaves on the vines.    Good memories.   I am still very new at landscape quilts and perhaps I put in too much detail, but my imagination goes crazy when I start working and it just goes on from there!  Aloha.

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2 thoughts on “Harvest Time in Wine Country

  1. The details are great!  Did you think about adding some mustard flowers from around the Yountville area?  Maybe a bicycle or a picnic basket with a loaf of bread or Guigni’s deli sandwiches; a farmers market sign;  the Bale Mill wheel???…sorry I get carried away too after living in the Napa Valley for twenty years.   It’s a beautiful quilt…  How about the wine train or maybe a “no wine train” sign…