Hear What I Say

“Hear What I Say” (8.5”W x 11”T x .5”D) was created for the “Tag, You’re It!” Reader Challenge sponsored by “Quilting Arts” magazine. The idea was to incorporate words into the piece in the “spirit of individuality”. One of the suggestions was to “incorporate text as a “fun graphic element”, but it seems that my piece became a way of speaking my truth. My experience as a woman working in “women’s art” in the art quilt world when I first began in 1981, was that the medium was not often treated seriously by other art form practitioners. That situation has fortunately changed, with a wide variety of venues quite accepting of my work for their exhibitions. I would like for viewers to hear what I’m trying to say in a particular piece, and then hear what I mean as they get closer and closer to the surface details. While each viewer is always free to interpret what they’re seeing through their own filters, I would like to think that I would be perceived as trying to say something with my work.

You can see more of my art quilts at my web site at www.fiberfantasies.com

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4 thoughts on “Hear What I Say

  1. thanks for speaking on behalf of all us quilt artist out here, i too have expericened the same feelings , you have. i was asked one time , did i not understand quilting and i , just said , yes, and that most everyone could do what thequilt world was doing, just wanted to do things my way, and to explore different  ways to express my self. THANKS FOR SHARING.

  2. Dear Tiny 3, thank you for responding to my posting. I also experienced the same put-downs in the early 80s from the traditional quilters who like my images but were appalled that my hand quilting wasn’t 10 stitches/inch and my backs were messy. It was hard trying to find a place to land not belonging in the worlds of traditional quilting or in what was considered “fine arts” at the time. Now, there are so many venues for all different types, and I thank those art quilters who came before me that helped make the world more accepting.

  3. Thanks, Meta. In my shamanic training, we learned about “wolf awarenss”, where your senses are so heightened, that it’s as if you’re eating colors. Quite an intense experience and totally legal…:)