Heart Tribe

“Heart Tribe”  (20”W x 38”Total Height x 1”D) is dedicated to the people that we choose to have in our lives as our extended families. In many indigenous cultures, your ties were not just to those who were directly related to you, but those with whom you had a special “heart” connection. This piece incorporates many heart examples, from glass to plastic, to represent the people that we collect over the years into our lives. There is a sprit bundle on the middle left side of the piece made from a squashed battery that I found in a parking lot. The poles on the end of the battery weathered to look like a small face and I’ve used it to represent the secrets and confidences that we share with those special friends.

 There is a complicated fringe along the bottom edge to represent how people often trail out of our lives. However, the long tassel is there to give them a “tail” on which to return, should you both choose. I know that I was one with the medium when I was working on this piece, so I’m sure that there are other examples of symbolism for the observer to find.

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4 thoughts on “Heart Tribe

  1. Dear Cousette, thank you for noticing the symbols. Since I work intuitively and sometimes pick up a piece to be sewn on,just ’cause,  I find that often the symbolism behind why an object included on one of my pieces isn’t revealed until much later. Other times, the meaning behind a specific object is immediately obvious to me. The ongoing revelations is part of what makes this work so appealing to me.