OK ladies and gentlemen I've been saving fabric for a long time…I got to this point just can't decide how to finish….a big border 2 smaller????Any ideas welcome Thank you so much….Purple is my favorite color to work with

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6 thoughts on “Help…

  1. It’s a beautiful piece!  Love the colors…I think 2 smaller, But with one wider than the other would look really nice and stay with the nice detail of the quilt…..good luck and don’t forget to post a finished piece….

  2. WOW!  This is incredibly beautiful!  For sure you don’t want your border to detract from the heart of the quilt… not sure what to advise… all I can say is to keep trying different fabrics up against what you have finished and surely an great idea will emerge.

    Put it aside until it does tho…


  3. Absolutely beautiful!  I too love purple.  I usually use a 3″ max (sometimes less) boarder with cornerstones in a non-dominant color from the quilt.  Then frame the quilt with a binding in a darker version of something I used in the quilt.  For this I personally would pull a pail purple or periwinkle as the boarder with a pail pink cornerstone and use a dark lavender with possibly some wisps of dark pink as the binding.  TEMA61 is right though, put it up against several fabrics till one inspires you.


    Happy Quilting

    Irish )O(


    P.S. –  Loving the quilt marydan, Beautiful! 🙂

  4. I would use plain borders so you don’t confuse the inner pattern or detract from all of that intricate piecing you’ve done… First border about 3 inch in the pinkish lavender and then a wide purple border.. maybe two different shades of purple depending on how large you want to go with this quilt.. It’s beautiful..

  5. I like the quilt as it is.  Why not put a binding on that you pull to the back of the quilt and just let it be the way it is….unless you have to have it be a different size.  Sometimes I find I can’t figure out what to do when it really is finished.