Henrietta!!! Free motion sewing

This is my first piece of free motion sewing…I used a lot of zig zag!! Henrietta puckered terrbly due to the thousands of stitches, but it worked out well, because I padded her to hid the puckering…and she looks all th better for it i think!!

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7 thoughts on “Henrietta!!! Free motion sewing

  1. I meant to ask… Is it all thread?.. or does it have some fabric in it?.. and  did you draw it first on the fabric background?  You did a wonderful job!!

  2. She is entirely made up of stitch, both zig zag and straight.  It was a great way to experiement with direction and control….The emphasis was on her, the background was just a quick after thought, as it shows! But this was never ment to be a piece of art!! The photo doesnt really do her justice as you can not really see her 3 d effect!