Hill Country Bluebonnets

First of all I would like to thank a fellow QA member for sending me some beautiful photographs last week of hill country in Texas.  Her name is Deborah Geistweidt and she took some wonderful photos of hill country and bluebonnets and took the time to share them with me. 

 Anyway, here is my bluebonnet quilt…..the bluebonnets are free form cut…..no pattern used except the outline of the bluebonnet from the photo.  The large bluebonnets have over 75 pieces.  The scrubby little trees are made from thread lace, didn't want too many so they wouldn't distract from the bluebonnets.  The hillsides have a hint of blue in them, so you might think there are more bluebonnets in the distance. 

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6 thoughts on “Hill Country Bluebonnets

  1. My mom is from Texas and I grew up hearing about how wonderful Bluebonnets are.  She has tried several times to grow them, but they don’t seem to like the gulf coast of Alabama!  Your quilt id beautiful!!  Great job.


  2. Oh thank you!  I grew up in Texas and always loved Bluebonnets.  Last year when I visited my girls I actually had a bluebonnet plant and bought a special container to bring it home to Michigan.  It stormed the night before our return home and the container had no holes to drain……halfway home, I told my husband it is rotting…..I had drained the water and made sure it was in sun on the seat next to me….just wasn’t meant to be.  So, I will have to settle for bluebonnets on quilts.  Deborah sent me some wonderful photos…..future quilts!!  Have a great weekend.  Peggy

  3. Why thank you Deborah!  I couldn’t have made this quilt without your wonderful photo!!  I plan on making a couple more little quilts using your photographs.  Thanks so much for taking the time to send them to me!!!  Beautiful countryside, and beautiful bluebonnets!!!