Hoodoo Sky Crop Circles cuff

After seeing Jill Amanda Kennedy's article in the latest QA, and getting stumped with another Hoodoo Sky piece, i decided to cut it up and make cuffs! This is three views of the second cuff made with this method.

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8 thoughts on “Hoodoo Sky Crop Circles cuff

  1. Thanks all!

    I used a thin synthetic batting, but i’m finding that even needlework of any sort, if it’s dense enough, will create some stiffnes for forming. Up to the designer i think for what effect you want :}

  2. Hi Arlee, Wow!, love your cuffs, really glad my article inspired you to get stuck in! I think they are great and I love the colour choice too! Happy stitching 🙂 Jill

  3. They came out wonderfully – this is the kind of look I’d like to achieve as well.  Thanks to Jill for the original idea and to Arlee for posting her version! So many projects, so little time!