How Entertaining

The title is "Tapping A Rainbow of Jazz."

My daughter is a tap dancer and I took a picture of her shoes for this quilt. Our family likes to listen to Jazz music.  Tap shoes and jazz created a rainbow of sound in my mind.  The Quilting Arts Magazine articles and their DVD’s help me learn some of the techniques I used in this quilt.

The quilt was created with fuse fabric, lame`, vintage buttons from my Mother, aluminum foil, hand sewn embroidery floss, machine quilting, and couched yarn.

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3 thoughts on “How Entertaining

  1. The notes are buttons and embroidery floss.  I couched regular yarn for the rainbow lines.  I originally was going to just sew the lines with regular thread.  Then I watched the DVD I bought “Art Quilt Design” and Carol Taylor showed how easy it is to couch yarn.  I didn’t have the foot she had, but did have a similar one that had a raised area for the yarn to easily pass under.  It was my own design, as required in the contest rules for “That Entertainment”, but I’m not sure how I thought of it.

  2. Hi Debquilt….this is the first time I’ve been at the gallery for a few days….I love your little quilt, it’s charming and evocative!  Glad we decided to put up our quilts and share!