Hundertwasser Wannabe?

I loved how some colorful silk flower petals (yellow and orange) and fake turkey feathers (in a tiger-like print) looked when tossed on to a beautiful batiked fabric whose focus color was hot pink/orange.  So, I started this project which is now a UFO on my studio wall.  

Process involved:  

1.  Sewed the petals/feathers down (after covering them with black netting) – they've been stitched down in an informal grid pattern. 

2.. Sewed on the black fabric framing material by satin stitch, and  added the three wholle turkey feathers by sewing a single seam down the center of each of them.

3.  Embellished the informal grid stitching by heavily over-sitching the grid in black and adding rounded boxes within the resulting rectangles. 

Now I've gotten to the point of not knowing what to do with this.  Has it been overworked?  One group I'm in suggested cutting it up , but I don't want to.  There is something I really like about it.  Even my mistakes are ones that I know can be worked into something quite unique.  In any case, one idea is to use a roller and paint over the grid pattern to see what effect it might have.  Another idea is to add orange or hot pink rectangles to the whole turkey feathers in a random gradation of sizes either ascending or descending over each.

I'm open to any ideas you might have to suggest!  

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8 thoughts on “Hundertwasser Wannabe?

  1. You don’t need to do anything to it.  Let it hang on the wall until ‘it’ tells you what it needs (if anything).  No hurry.  It could be tomorrow, next week or next year, or never!  I think its lovely as it is.  Enjoy…….

  2. This is a lovely piece – the colours are vibrent and has structure.

    If you feel it needs something else and you have any scraps left over of the materials you used, stitch them together with your grid pattern you have used.  Experiment with your soldering iron and see if you can burn holes into the materials and see if you like the effect.

    As I could see you could make this piece really interesting with some holes burnt out in your stiched grid and around the outside edge to give it another dimention. 

    Look forward to seeing what you do. :-))


  3. You’ve probably already finished this now ( I’m writing in September 2010) but my suggestion would be to either introduce more black into the background, or as you were thinking, add pink/orange etc to the foreground. To my mind the problem seems to be that the foreground and background are not harmonizing, plus the foreground is a color (black) that is more of a receding color, and the background is full of advancing colors, and this is the tension that needs to be addressed.  Hope you’ve figured it out by now!

    Great colors and full of fun.