I Can See Canada….work in progress

"I Can See Canada" is a work in progress….I am having bit of trouble figuring out a couple of remaining things with the quilt.

1.  Should I paint a couple of tiny waves splashing up on the sand?  Nothing big, very small with some white paint….

2.  Should I quilt any ripples in the sand?  I am thinking not, since I don't really want anything to compete with the tree. 

This quilt is based on a photo taken at Port Huron, MIchigan….Canada is the bit of land in the background.  The sky was really that blue and there was a weird storm coming in from the East, hence the whitish color of sky at the horizon line….Thanks,  Peggy

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6 thoughts on “I Can See Canada….work in progress

  1. The photo has a couple of very small waves breaking on the beach…..

    I was going to quilt some ripples in the water.  The border fabric is an old Hoffman batik.  Not sure if it is still in print.  Thanks so much for your imput…..Peggy

  2. I think you are doing a great job. I have done something quite similar. A suggestion would be to add some texture to your water by using a clear thread then when you get closer to the shore you can use a small amount of lint from your dryer (after you dry your white towels) and spread it thin along the shore. Again quilt that we clear thread it makes a fabulous visual effect!

  3. Coleen,  I have added some of the lint to the shoreline…..haven’t stitched it down yet….I think this will be a great addition to the quilt.  Now, just along the shoreline, and then ripples in the water???  Thanks a ton!!!  Peggy