Illustrated Document No. 1

Paper and Fabric quilt using drawn and painted tea bags for collage.

The total list of materials and techniques is:
white cotton fabric, teabags drawn on with permanent ink pen, tea labels, dry cleaning tags, sewing pattern, fabric with xeroxed imagery, textile paint, rubber stamps, Tsukineko inks, Shiva paint sticks, colored pencils, machine quilted on wool felt.

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12 thoughts on “Illustrated Document No. 1

  1. I love this quilt. The blended colors and the illustration-type images give it a scientific look and the tracery of the quilting offset it beautifully. It is like a trip to the museum of the mind

  2. I love this quilt. I bookmarked it in my Quilting Arts Magazine because it has so many things about it that inspire me. I want to try the technique with the tea bags that you used. Often when I’ve finished a quilt top I don’t know what pattern to use to quilt it and this quilt has shown me another way to choose a pattern. 

  3. I spent hours going through that magazine and kept coming back to your art. Very inspiring- and fun! It got me moving when I was in a sticky / blah place- thanks!

  4. Hello Judy,

    I have been following your blog for some time now.  Your work is so balanced and has such a sense of style.  You inspire me to take my quilted textiles to another level and further explore mixed media.  Thank you for sharing so much of what you with with the quilting art world.

    My Best To You,

    LuAnn in Oregon


  5. As soon as I saw this on the cover of QA, I read the article. Next I carefully opened a tea bag, dumped the tea, and pressed open the bag. I drew/semi traced David’s (Michaelangelo’s) head on the tea bag. So far – nothing with the tea bag- I admire it often, -should I save tea bags and trace the rest of David? haha…there’s a thought…

    Your quilt – it warms my heart. Thanks for your art. mary j, central valley, CA

  6. Thanks for al the wonderful comments!

    Mary next time you are working on some kind of collage, pull out that tea bag and gel medium it down. Drink a cup of tea and make another to use in your next project.

    By the way i really love those oversized tea bags you get when you make a pitcher of iced tea.Those open up to nice big peices of tea stained paper.

  7. When I was little down South, we would tie a string on to the leg of a Japanese beetle (June Bug) and let it fly around in a cricle for a while before letting them go. They’re really big down there, 1-1/2 ” in length. I’ve even seen the wings for sale to use as embellishments of art work, much as one uses shi-sha mirrors. Anyway, love the details in this piece and the subtle background emphasized by the quilting. Great job!  Would love to see a detail pic.

  8. Thanks Jeanie! tea bags are so fun to use as another material to draw, paint and print on. Another alternative to tea bags you can use is abaca paper often called tissutex, it is the same paper as tea bags are made from and you can buy large sheets of it that hold up really well to using with dye and paint.

  9. Hi,

    I absolutly love your quilt and got inspired by your use of tea bags along with the other mixed media you used.  Now that I have quite a stack of pressed tea bags, but I’m not sure if you fused them to a fabric or how you added them as part of your collage.  I no longer have the video from the show you did with Pokey so I’m hoping I’ll be able to find your instructions.  I have been playing around with the different media and came up with a few ideas but I can’t compete with your beautiful work.  I just love all your work.

    Thank You,

    Elaine Banks