Improvement on "Three Bales of Hay"

My older version of the "Three Bales of Hay" quilt was critiqued by Sandra Sider and she recommended 3 improvements. One was to remove the clouds. Another was to make the bales of hay larger. The last suggestion was to make the yellow foreground a little darker. I made the first two changes. To make the bales of hay larger I had to hand sew them over the old ones and over some of the beaded green area. The clouds were easy to remove so I did that. I'm not sure I'll make the foreground darker. Next time I go to the fabric store, I'll buy some dark yellow or very light brown tulle and put that over the foreground to see if I like it or not. But I definitely think she was right about the first two changes. From this experience, I'm coming away with the idea of being bolder in my work. But I'm not sure if from these to photos you can see well enough the differences. But in person the differences are very visible to me. Sandra runs a quilt critique business but I'm not telling you about this as an advertisement for her, I just thought it might be helpful to you to see a successful design change.

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2 thoughts on “Improvement on "Three Bales of Hay"

  1. Not knowing for sure what the other one looked like, the size of these bales seems ‘right’… so

    if Sandra said larger, it would be more balanced, am I right?

    What a delightful piece.


  2. The other one had smaller bales and had clouds in the sky. I have it posted in 2 places… one is in my files( I have this new one in my files, too. I wanted to set them up side by side but I don’t know how to do that. The old version is posted with the name but this new version is posted with an image number… not a name)  and the other is in the photo gallery but way at the beginning of it. Glad you like it.