In sicknes & health

This is my ATC for the What's in Your Heart challenge and swap.  The base of the 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" card is felted wool.  A metal ring, key, and two hearts were placed under a layer of white linen. These pieces were stitched around their edges like trapunto quilting.  Color was added with Dyna-Flo paint and manipulated with Koshar salt.  The ring was then stitched over using a blanket stitch in pearl cotton thread. The tea bag message "In sickness & health" was written using a black permanent marker and attached to the card using acrylic mat medium. Dyed cheese cloth was placed on the background areas and stitched on with beading.  Other areas of the background were embroidered with "Xs" using blue Pearl cotton thread.  The red seed beads were then sewn on top of the hearts.  Last of all, the backing of the card was fused on and held in place with a blanket stitch.

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7 thoughts on “In sicknes & health

  1. Absolutely beautiful and amazing work!! I especially admire the trapunto key and ring, and the beading, and the flowing colors and the sentiment, and the….. everything!