In the Garden of the Night Music

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"In the Garden of the Night Music" – ©1990

I thought that I would post pics of this piece since Vivika psoted a blog today about Japanese indigo fabrics, and mentioned Kasuri Dye Works, a terrific Japanese fabric store that used to be in Berkeley, CA, USA. Many of the pieces of fabric in this art quilt are from that store.

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              As an avid gardener, it is often frustrating not to have all of the elements of design in place at one time in a real garden. No matter how carefully you plan a border, not all of the flowers of the same type will bloom at the same time. In this imaginary garden, I have total control over all of the petals and foliage. They do exactly what I want them to do, but then they never change. They always look the same, but there’s nothing to anticipate. Alas, I guess I can't have it both ways.

     In this piece, the image is of a garden that incorporates a lot of ideas I wish I could really have in my yard. The pipes spew forth bubbles. If you were to hold out your hands, and let the bubbles shift between your wiggling fingers, you would hear gentle laughter. If, however, you caught one of the larger balls, you'd be in for a real surprise. As you'd roll the ball around in your cupped palms, the facets would turn and refract the light in hundreds of patterns. Even more amazing would be the sound coming from the sphere. The melodious strains that would fall on your ears would be the sound of your own personal music. Depending on your current mood, one day you might hear a delicate concerto, while another time might bring a full blown opera. If you were to give up your treasured ball, and hand it to another, the symphony would instantly change to mirror the new person's inner sounds. Too bad I can't actually make this garden live, except in cloth. The sounds would be much more interesting that the usual frogs and crickets I hear outside.

      To see this piece, along with other garden art quilts, check out the book, Fabric Gardens, Osaka, Japan; 1990.


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3 thoughts on “In the Garden of the Night Music

  1. Dear teanewcomer. Thanks for the compliment. It’s not trapunto; the quilt actually has a fairly thin batting. I am just obsessive about the quilting, so that lots of ridges and valleys occur.