"In the Garden of the Silvery Marshes"

I don't use a lot of silver in my art work or in the jewelry that I wear, as I think that gold colors go better with my skin tone and hair color. In the mid 90s, the popular book "Color Me Beautiful" came out and there were various in home parties where the trained consultant would come to introduce the concept of wearing certain colors which would brighten your skin tones, while wearing others would drab you down. There were various large swatches of fabric and you could switch back and forth in that hue family to find what worked right for you. However, sometime, silver it is, and for this quilt, it was all because of a guided vision.

A friend of mine does amazing guided imagery meditations. He's brilliant at taking you to a certain point, and then leaving you to venture forth on your own (or maybe, I just run ahead and leave the others behind.) In this particular experience, I was drawn to the edge of a silvery marsh. The grasses that grew along the edge were so silvery as to be almost white. I think if I were to see a real scene like this, I would not be at ease, as the colors were rather unnatural. However, there was some great discovery to be made there, and so I stayed until the end of the session.

A scene this compelling had to interpreted in fabric, beads, and buttons. This piece was done around 2003, when I was still not covering every inch of fabric with buttons and beads. I also wanted to get the image completed before I forgot its image, so a lot of the dark grey background fabric still shows. I used white ribbon cut on an angle for the marsh grasses and embellished the edges with flat, silvery, glass rondelles. I also had some great black lace motifs edged in white and some other black, white, and gold lace flowers that I used a lot of to portray this otherworldly landscape.

One of the most distinguished features of this scene that captured my mind's eye was the silvery moon. I happened to have the perfect piece of costume jewelry that someone had given me or I had found at a garage sale. The spirals of the pin send the eye swirling outwards and to further that sensation, I attached hematite colored circles with white thread as if they had spun off from the center of the moon's swirling center. I usually think of sunlight swirling outwards, but some times, it's interesting to have the opposite of a concept in a piece.

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