Ink Quilting Project

This piece was an experiment in which I traced the pattern on a light table to a piece of natural muslin.  I also used the same muslin for the backing and a piece of fleece as my batting.  Some doubted that I would be able to quilt the design as it was too detailed, but I needed to try it anyway.  It quilted beautifully on a vintage Singer 15-91 sewing machine.  When I finished the quilting part of it, I then colored in background areas with black and indigo inks.  The inks "bled" through to the back and I am not sure how to proceed with it now.  Time will tell.  My nephew who is in Afghanistan wants it and I will probably finish it off as a wall hanging and give it to him when he gets home!  

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5 thoughts on “Ink Quilting Project

  1. This looks really effective – well done you for still trying and experimenting when doubt was expressed, you have something very unique, I’m sure your nephew will treasure it.

  2. Thankyou Bronwyn…  I have started another one…  they are addicting and believe it or not, relaxing to do.  Great therapy if you love being at your sewing machine as I do.