Inspiration K

I dont know where the inspiration comes from for most my Kaliedscopes they  just start forming from mid air but this one is differant , I didnt dream it but close to it , the splotches you see in the morning before you open your eyes, the way you know its morning already?? I notices fireworks going off to the right and then they became a K , the next morning I was watching for them and it was black wiggley with green points then black and white zig zags then blue fans and then things that looked like a stack of cookies, 🙂 so as I saw them I pulled fabric out and this K is what came of it 🙂 I hope that there isnt a mental health person out there that has studied the splotches we see in the morning and that I just told them all kinds of secrets 🙂 but inspiration comes where it will and wont come when it doesnt want to ,we just have to look for it,

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