Iris gone Wild

Another one of those pesky Convergence quilts!  I loved the Iris material and wanted to have them take center stage.  I feel that the contrast between the flowers and the background is not sufficient and they become lost rather that taking center stage.

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4 thoughts on “Iris gone Wild

  1. I love how the flowers drift across the convergence, but you are correct when you say that there is not sufficient contrast between the flowers and the background. They show up nicely against the border fabric to the right and bottom of the piece.  A narrow edging of this fabric, if you have it, around the flowers would help to make them stand out.  How much ‘undo-it’ stitch can you bear?  would it be easier to lift them and place them on the border fabric or to put a 1/4″ bias binding around them?

  2. I agree that the fabric is gorgeous!  I would use some of the wonderful fabric markers available to highlight around the edges of the irises to pop them from the background.  Then I might embellish them with some thread painting.  If you like a little glitz, add beads, jewels, etc. to the flowers.  You might even use some of the textural paints.