"…it’s spring when the world is puddle-wonderful (e.e. cummings)"

pieced, embellished quilt

fabric,embroidery thread, beads, tubular-shaped loofah, faucet washers, etc.

Note:  Large puddles      = pieced fabric

           Medium  puddles  = slices of a tubular-shaped loofah which I painted & embellished with beads

           Small puddles       = faucet washers which I wrapped with brightly-coloured embroidery thread

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3 thoughts on “"…it’s spring when the world is puddle-wonderful (e.e. cummings)"

  1. Amazing how you conveyed water in both quilts I viewed. When I saw the thumbnail of the blue qult, I thought dew drops…but the water theme was so strong. Nice!

  2. …and puddle-wonderful you did indeed make it! I love the idea of slices of loofah to use as  textural interest. Those gourds are so cool when they’re dried out. I’m stealing that idea…:) Would love to see a detail pic!