Japanese Irises


    "Japanese Irises" (29”W x 31”T x 1”D) is one of the few art quilts that I’ve done that was inspired by an actual photograph. In between my neighbor’s house and mine is an extensively planted grotto with rocks placed to simulate a dry stream. There are numerous plantings of different types of irises, but my favorites are the Japanese ones. While each flower only lasts a day or two, when the plantings are large enough, they resemble a flock of butterflies. Some of the varieties are as big as my hand, and as twilight approaches, the lighter colored ones have an ethereal shimmering quality to them.

    The cutting out of this piece was a little more difficult than usual, as each petal’s base fabric was individually cut to simulate the actual shapes in the photograph. I of course added many wonderful finds from my studio such as a costume jewelry humming bird to the dichroic glass buttons coming out of Czechoslovakia that I’m so fond of. I have jars and boxes on my shelves with pieces that I pick up as I go along, not necessarily knowing how they will be used.

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