Jenny’s Fan Club quilt

All blue and white fabrics compose this sampler quilt, named for my niece Jenny. She was killed in an arson fire in Oklahoma City on Oct.1,2000. She was only 26 yr old. She was  an Estee Lauder consultant and living away from home for only 28 days. Jenny was (is) my favorite niece. I made this quilt for my sister, Jenny's Mom.

As I made my sampler blocks I liked the fans best, then added the small appliqued fans along the border which gave me the name for this quilt—


She was a cheerleader from age 5 thru high school, active in debate and vocal music. A very popular little blonde darling she has  always had her own fan club with all her family and friends. In this quilt I hope to always be inspired by Jenny, and hope her Mom, Janeen will always be comforted when wrapped up in this labor of love.

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3 thoughts on “Jenny’s Fan Club quilt

  1. What a wonderful quilt.  I love the fans in the boarder.  I am sure that making the quilt helped you too.  Quilts are like that, comforting to the maker and all those who wrap up in them.  Even if it is for only a few minutes at a time.  Touching and wonderful


  2. It’s a lovely sampler quilt to honor the memory of your niece.  I am sorry you lost her so tragically at such a young age.  I am sure the labor of love that went in to making this quilt will carry her memory on for generations to come.

    I am a rather new quilter,  I hand pieced a sampler wall quilt ten years ago and I can’t quite figure out how to quilt it now that I am starting to quilt again.  I would like to know how you quilted the different patterns of squares?   I got so frustrated trying to decide how to quilt as desired on a quilt with multiple patterns that I just put it away and stopped quilting.  The quilt is multicolored also.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have!

    Thank you.

    Paula Jean



  3. I really like the angel in the center. I am sure that it is a comfort as well to your sister. What a tragic story. I am sorry for your great loss. Nancy